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AETOS new client double cash bonus up to USD25,000

To celebrate AETOS’s 10th anniversary, a total of USD 6 million cash bonuses will be offered to our new clients. Clients can enjoy two levels of cash bonus up to USD25,000. The cash bonuses will be offered in first-come-first-gain basis.

1. Promotion period:

from 22:00 GMT, November 3, 2017 to 21:59 GMT, December 31, 2017.

Note: this promotion will be closed once the total amount of USD 6 million cash bonuses have been distributed.

2. Eligibility

This promotion is available to new AETOS clients only#.

#New AETOS clients means anyone who has successfully opened a new AETOS trading account during the promotion period; and who has never owned a live trading account with AETOS before this promotion.

3. Terms and conditions in details

  • 3.1 When a new client deposits USD 250 and above (or in equivalent amount of the default currency used in the client’s account) to their first trading account within one calendar day## after the account activation date, they will have the chance to get the relevant cash bonus. The bonus will be put into the client’s trading account as trading credits within two working days.
    If the client meets the trading volume requirements within 7 months (under the same trading account started from the account activation date), the trading credits will be converted to cash bonus. On the contrary, the credits will be cancelled if the client fails to meet the trading volume requirement within 7 months since the account activation date. 
    The qualifying deposit and trading volume requirements are as follows:
    Deposit tiers
    (USD/default currency)
    Cash bonus (USD/default currency) Trading volume in 7 months
    (standard lots)
    First-tier bonus Extra bonus Bonus in total
    250-999.99 50 -- 50 7.5
    1,000-1,999.99 130 -- 130 20
    2,000-4,999.99 250 -- 250 40
    5,000-7,999.99 600  60   660  100
    8,000-14,999.99  1,000   120   1,120  168
    15,000-34,999.99  1,800   250   2,050  300
    35,000-49,999.99  4,200   600   4,800  700
    50,000-79,999.99  5,600   1,000   6,600   1,000 
    80,000-99,999.99  9,000   1,800   10,800   1,600 
    100,000-149,999.99  11,000   2,400   13,400   2,000 
    150,000-199,999.99  15,000   3,600   18,600   3,000 
    200,000及以上  20,000   5,000   25,000   4,000 
    ##One calendar day means the time period from 22:00 GMT of the previous day to 21:59 GMT of the current day (Standard Time). For example, the calendar day of November 8, 2017 is from 22:00 GMT, November 7, 2017 to 21:59 GMT, November 8, 2017.
  • 3.2 To participate in this promotion, the client can use any of the payment methods provided by AETOS.
  • 3.3 Due to bank commission charges for wire transfers, the client may receive an actual deposit amount that is below USD 250. This will not affect the client’s qualification for joining the promotion if they can provide a remittance proof of USD 250. The credit bonus will be calculated according to the actual amount received.
  • 3.4 During the promotion, if the client makes any withdrawal or transfer, the credit bonus will be deducted by an equivalent percentage. The actual credit amount awarded will be calculated according to the deposit amount remained after deducting the withdrawn or transferred amount. The trading volume will be calculated according to the actual credit standard that the client meets.

    Example 1: A client makes a USD 6,000 deposit and will receive double cash bonus of USD 660 credits (USD 5,000-USD 7,999 tier). However, if he withdraws USD 3,000 before he meets the 100 lots trading volume requirement, his credit will be adjusted to USD 250 (USD 2,000-USD 4,999 tier). If he meets the new trading volume requirement of 40 lots, he can send an email to and apply for the cash bonus.

    Example 2: A client deposits USD 6,000 to activate a new account in order to earn USD 660 credits (USD 5,000-USD 7,999 tier). He then makes another deposit of USD 3,000, and shortly withdraws another USD 3,000. His credit bonus will remain to be USD 660.

  • 3.5 Trial account: the client is eligible to join this promotion through funding to activate their account, and the credits will be based on the total amount of the deposits within the account activation date. The client needs to notify AETOS about their deposits through sending an email to
  • 3.6 If the client fails to meet the trading volumes of their credit standard, the credits will be cancelled and the cash bonus will be converted according to the actual credit standard that the client meets.

    Example:A client deposits USD 6,000 for his account activation. In order to earn USD 660 credits (USD 5,000-USD 7,999 tier), he needs to meet 100 lots trading volume requirement. However, the client only completes 45 lots, and meets the USD 250 credit standard (USD 2,000-USD 4,999 tier).Thus, he will obtain USD 250 cash bonus, and the remaining credits will be cancelled at the same time.

  • 3.7 The client who participates in this promotion may apply to have his qualified credits being converted to cash bonus before the end of this campaign and forgo the remaining credits. The client will obtain an equivalent cash bonus matching the actual credit standard, and the remaining credits will be cancelled. The client needs to send an email application to, and the request will be processed within one working day.

    Example: A client deposits USD 6,000 on November 20, 2017 for USD 660 credits (USD 5,000-USD 7,999 tier). The client then sends an email application on the November 23, 2017 and requests for an early cash-up. At that time the client should have completed 40 lots trading and will be able to earn USD 250 cash bonus, and the rest of the credits will be cancelled.

4. Other conditions

  • 4.1 A new account under the same name of an existing client is not eligible for this promotion.
  • 4.2 Only one account under the same name is eligible and trading volumes of different accounts held by the same client shall not be accumulated.
  • 4.3 The credits and cash bonus of this promotion are not eligible for institutional accounts.
  • 4.4 AETOS has a right to disqualify any participant who intends to tamper or violate the terms and conditions of the promotion, and further reserves the right to amend or terminate this promotion at any time. Any amendment or termination of the promotion will be subjected to AETOS notifications.
  • 4.5 If a client withdraws all or most of their trading fund after receiving the cash bonus, and continues trading with the trading credits, AETOS has the right to claim the financial loss caused by the client.
  • 4.6 For more information about the promotion’s applicable regions, please contact our Customer Service Centre.
  • 4.7 AETOS reserves the final interpretation right of this promotion.

Notes:US dollar is used as an example in the above terms and conditions. The terms & conditions also apply to the default currency of clients' accounts. Default currency of the account depends on the clients' country of residence.

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