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 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM AEST, 24th Oct 2018


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AETOS Forex 101 Live Webinar is designed to give beginners an introduction to the world of forex trading. If you are keen to discover how the forex market works and learn about the basics of trading, then this webinar is for you! Topics covered include:

We'll also be addressing all your questions in our Q&A session!


  • Daily Commentary
  • Verbal Market Brief
  • Webinars and Seminars
  • TC Technical Analysis
  • Professional Customer Service

Daily Commentary

Online market brief and analysis prepared daily to ensure that our clients are up-to-date and on top of major economic news events.

Verbal Market Brief

Exclusive 1-on-1 brief sessions to bring you the latest market trend over the phone.

Webinars and Seminars

AETOS conduct webinars and seminars regularly to bring you in-depth analysis on the latest market trend and the most locally concerned topics.

TC Technical Analysis

Technical analysis provided by Trading Central, a regulated leading investment research provider, to support traders to decide their trading strategies.

Professional Customer Service

1-on-1 client service provided by our account managers. AETOS has a global network of offices which enables us to provide a 5 days/24 hours online customer support to deliver you the most convenient and efficient trading service.